Deeply interested in all things technology, business and marketing.

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Karl Stock
Leiter Geräteentwicklung [Head of Device Development]
Institut für Lasertechnologien in der medizin und Meßtechnik (ILM)

"Meeting Richard and working together on a high-end medical device research and development project was a pleasure. He was involved in decisions and handled issues quite far removed from the usual work of a CTO. Most importantly, his good sense of humour and calm temperament was a valuable quality, especially in critical situations."
Daniel Fick
Australian Institute of Robotic Orthopaedics (AIRO)

"Ridiculously meticulous and efficient. I've had the pleasure of watching Richard exhibit a breadth and depth of knowledge on extremely complex technical reports whilst maintaining a humility and sense of humour that always makes him a pleasure to be around."
Joshua Goncalves
Software Engineer
Australian Institute of Robotic Orthopaedics (AIRO)

"Richard is the sort of incredibly rare individual who has a high level of expertise, resourcefulness and calmness only possible through vast technical, social and business experience. He is able to theorise and implement a consortium of ideas to solve the right problems. It constantly amazes me just how intricately thought out his solutions are, taking into account many different circumstances and avoiding all potential pitfalls. He has a sort of fluidity to his work flow and his presence brings a degree of reassurance so I feel I can positively contribute something to all the projects we have done. We worked together on topics ranging from OpenGL, C++ and Quaternions to writing research papers and expansive patent documentation. I really enjoy our regular conversations on all kinds of esoteric subjects like software security and internal processor operations. He is great person to be around and share a laugh, just know he drinks an obscene amount of coffee. I was lucky enough to have him as a mentor at AIRO, with his knowledge, professional conduct and work ethic being qualities I will take with me for the rest of my career."
Dylan Pratt
Computer Systems Engineer
Australian Institute of Robotic Orthopaedics (AIRO)

"It has been a pleasure to work with Richard for over a year. Richard's passion for technology, innovation and progress in the medical space is inspirational. Richard goes above and beyond to not only provide the best technical solution, but to also communicate the solution in a way that can be easily understood by all. Richard has a great deal of respect for all people and is both highly personable and highly professional. I look forward to continuing to work with Richard in the future."
Michael Kapfer
Mechatronic Engineer
Australian Institute of Robotic Orthopaedics (AIRO)

"It is rare that you come across such a motivated and forward thinking person like Richard. Working with Richard has been pure pleasure - He is extraordinary knowledgeable in Computer Science and Programming. However, he is also well experienced in other fields such as Medical Research, Mechanical Engineering and Control Engineering. I believe AIRO couldn't have made a better decision to offer the position as CTO to Richard. Being one of the greatest motivators I have met, he is the "go to person" when conflicts arise. He looks out for his team but is not one to draw attention to himself deliberately - his work does that for him. He has built a reputation as someone who has a broad vision and this vision is what will take a company places."
Isaac Monteath
PHD Candidate
Curtin University

"Richard is not only a highly knowledgeable and experienced Software Engineer, but also an excellent team leader. He is a clear, organised and practical thinker capable of solving large and complex problems. He also has excellent interpersonal skills and a great sense of humour which make it very enjoyable to work alongside him."
Narendra Dahotre
University Distinguished Research Professor
University of North Texas

"Richard is a joy to be around. He is diligent, thorough, meticulous and efficient. Always curious and with an open mind, he quickly understands the various technological challenges involved to produce excellent work. And his vast knowledge and interpersonal skills mean he is a genuine pleasure to have as part of the team."
Brett Robertson
Associate Professor, Managing Director
Australian Institute of Robotic Orthopaedics (AIRO)

"Richard is a dynamic and lateral thinker who is a highly valued member of our project team. A first class software engineer with well developed emotional intelligence and an exceptional work ethic - hes the full package."
Mark Coles
B3 Electronic Design

"I found Richard to be a very professional, thorough, and knowledgeable. I worked with him to write some low level embedded code for the Frigbot project, where I found his code to be elegant and well documented. It was a rare pleasure to work with him on his project."
Darren Dwyer
Company Directory

"Richard can be best described as the smartest guy in the room, but that would only be telling you half the story. He is a terrific bloke and great to work with. His key strengths are his integrity and an unwavering work ethic. Richard is absolutely the guy you want in your corner.

During our research and development phase it was Richard who authored the patents as well as the all the other millions of tasks that needed to be done. Everything he did seemed effortless and was completed diligently without fuss.

Richard is amazing and I wholeheartedly recommend him for any senior technical, business, or managerial role."
Kevin Francis Kevin Francis
CEO (Q Limited New Zealand)

"Richard is one of those rare technologists that has the ability to communicate complex solutions in layman's terms and come up with innovative solutions to the problems that clients need solving.

Richard has a passion for digital technology, online marketing, or whatever the buzzword of the day is to describe the emerging technologies that are impacting on businesses and how that will impact on the way in which they need to improve their capability to stay ahead in meeting their market's expectations.

I've always enjoyed Richard's pragmatic approach to business and being able to bounce ideas off his considerable intellect as well as his willingness to step up when the game gets tough. A rock when needed most.

Affable, helpful, approachable and determined, an asset on any company's balance sheet."
Daniel Foote Daniel Foote
Senior Developer (Market United)

"Richard is a forward thinking member of staff, who isn't afraid to push the boundaries with his work; with excellent results to prove his success."
Ivana Marjanovic Ivana Marjanovic
Serior Manager eCommerce (GESB)

"Richard's knowledge of the digital technologies is amazing. His ability to come up with the technical solutions (web/mobile/social media) that address the clients' business objectives and can-do attitude are second to none."
Marcus Collier Marcus Collier
Technical Director (Market United)

"Richard is one of the most creative technical thinkers I know, he is great at coming up with interesting and challenging solutions as well as bouncing ideas off for projects. He also is excellent with clients, putting them at ease on issues and getting them excited for new projects."
Neil Ferreira Neil Ferreira
Senior Developer (Market United)

"In the 3 years of being employed by Richard he has always been a great boss. He makes the workplace a fun environment to be in and is a great social member of his team. His problem solving skills and extensive knowledge on the web industry makes him an excellent go-to guy for any problems."
Chris Leathley Chris Leathley
Lead Developer (Market United)

"Richard is a great boss who really listens to his staff and keeps things fresh and new at work."
martin beecroft Martin Beecroft
Head of Digital

"I have worked with Richard for the past 3 years at Market United. His knowledge and passion for programming and the amazing technical results he achieves, often defy logic. He is an inspiration to work with and has constantly delivered unique solutions to some very challenging creative problems. His ideation and problem solving have been a critical factor in the growth of both Market United and many of the people around him."
Andrew Hector Andrew Hector
Owner (Candor Financial Management)

"Richard has an amazing ability to think outside the box to find solutions for web based businesses. He was instrumental in designing and building the website and developing Vibe Capitals VibEngine. In addition, I have only found Richard to conduct business in the most professional manner. He operated in a candid manner with the highest integrity. I am delighted to be able to recommend Richard."
Karyn Sadauskas Karyn Sadauskas
Manager (Accumulate)

"I was fortunate enough to work with Richard on the development of a large and complex online system in 2003-2004 and it is my pleasure to write this recommendation. Starting at the (very) deep end he was able to interpret our company's vision and deliver an interactive site that was robust, scalable and, most of all, usable. His rare combination of customer focus and innovation was critical to the project's success and his commitment and drive were what got us over the finish line. His technical and management skills are second to none and his problem-solving skills are unparalleled."
Marc Loveridge Marc Loveridge
Co-Founder (Market United)

"Richard's ability to translate business needs into technical requirements is second to none. His confidence stems from a wealth of experience and his enthusiasm for solving business problems with web technology is both unrivaled and infectious. Richard is the most capable web technologist I know."
May Chuah (CA) May Chuah
CFO (Q Limited)

"Richard brought to the Group an immense wealth of knowledge which greatly benefited the Group. His business acument and understanding of the industry is admirable. He is also great to work with. Definitely an asset to the Group."
Aaron O'Sullivan Aaron O'Sullivan
CEO (Great Australian Survey)

"Richard lives and breathes technical challenges and has never failed to deliver a solution that not only meets the brief, but usually has several additional features you didn't even think were possible at the time."
Andrew Fiori-Dea Andrew Fiori-Dea
CEO (Future Capital Development Fund Ltd)

"Richard, is diligent, considered, hard working, honest, creative, thorough, innovative and caring.

He is a leader and a team player, willing to consult and collaborate to ensure the best outcome is achieved for all concerned.

He is a pleasure to work with and inspiring to be with. He is a person dedicated to excellence with a practical and pragmatic approach.

He really is of the highest caliber with few that come close to his mix of skills, capability and temperament."
Ian Sinclair Ian Sinclair
Partner (Corporate & Commercial at Cornwall Stodart)

"Transacting business with Richard was a pleasure. I always found him to be utterly professional, extremely competent, enthusiastic and reliable."
Tom Skotidas Tom Skotidas

"Richard combines a rare combination of high-level business, sales, and technical skills. To this add a wide knowledge base with a very attractive personality, and you have one of the best businessmen I have met in Australia."